Welcome to the LUÍS FIGUEIREDO

Started on July 15, 1982, Luís Figueiredo is located in Rua da República (EN 109) in Cacia – Aveiro and has a total area of ​​11,040m2.

Company has been certified in the Quality Management System (NP EN ISO 9001) since 2004 and is currently implementing two management systems: one in the Environment area​​ and another in the Health and Safety at Work ​​.

It manufactures and transforms superstructures in fire fighting vehicles and in special vehicles for help and rescue to satisfy their customers, such as Firefighters,  National Authority of Civil Protection, Airports, Refineries, Nuclear Power Stations and State Organizations, who have particular specifications and requirements.

The construction is made of stainless steel and aluminum and is differentiating because the superstructures are manufactured by modules, the settlement to the chassis is done in special rubber sinoblocks and by the construction of the “T” tanks, allowing a greater weight distribution and a greater stability of the set.

Luís Figueiredo is leader and also a reference in the trailers sector, in the production of a wide range of models, including models to support Civil Protection and Firemen.

Besides the national market, the company also exports to Spain, Morocco, Iraq, Mozambique and Angola, among others.

Luis Figueiredoa Quality team in pursuit of excellence!


Located in Cacia (Aveiro), has a total area of 11,040m2, with a covered area of 3850 m2 and an uncovered area of 7190m2.

It has the most varied production equipment, complemented by a range of appropriate tools, to carry out a production that obeys the most rigorous current Technology / Quality standards.

Its employees play a very important role because they are the key to the quality of the products, and for that reason their continuous training is essential, priority and constant.

We use the most advanced materials and we privilege certified suppliers in quality system and, if possible, in product.